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For a Happy Even After Life

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Heal  Your Heart with Conscious Uncoupling

The Conscious Uncoupling Program is a journey into freedom and deep growth after a break up or relationship ending. I coach individuals or couples who are struggling and maybe on the verge of separation or divorce, and also those who would like to work for the improvement of their relationship. We use the difficulty or the breakup for  personal growth and as a wake up call to uplift every area of your life by changing things at the level of cause. You will be challenged to discover and develop unknown resources within you so that you do not repeat the same disappointing patterns in your next relationship.  This new freedom generates value that is equal to, or greater than the loss endured and it ensures embracing a life more fulfilling than the one you are letting go of. The journey will awaken higher relational capacities allowing you to navigate the difficult terrain.   You will be able to uncouple and move on with honor, dignity, and goodwill which leads to the well-being for all involved. And  be guided to use the heartbreak as an opportunity to deeply grow, so that the next relationship you enter into can benefit from the wisdom gained.

  • If you are you going through a breakup and feel that the pain will never end and the idea of starting over scares you;
  • If you are worried about the impact on your children and  have shame or guilt over your situation;
  • Or if you want to make sure you have done everything possible to save your relationship – the Conscious Uncoupling Program can steer you toward a new life with direction, deep insight and healing.

Developed by the New York Times bestselling author of  Conscious Uncoupling- 5 Steps to Living Happily EVEN After – Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA., MFT., the Conscious Uncoupling Program is a complete solution for creating a happy and meaningful future. It answers the following questions:

  • How  do we internally stabilize after a breakup?
  • What allows us to triumph over our unconscious, primitive, biologically based impulses to lash out and hurt the one the one by whom we feel hurt?
  • What will allow us to relate to a loss or an ending while staying open, innovative, related, available and committed to life?
  • What is the emotional architecture of our higher potential that enables us to navigate these changes with resilience?

If you know how to work with an ending or loss, it becomes a blessing.

Ending a relationship is one of the hardest things we can do. When we go over the falls towards the loss of love our heart is bitten and the depth of our grief goes through the floor. It is a profound rupture of attachment which touches the deepest conditioning of our inner structure.

If we are the one that is left it can be so life altering that we spend years in grief for the lost future we had once anticipated. We enter out romantic union with great hope, excitement, and love! For many different reasons relationships come undone and we often view this as a failure rather than honoring what we once meant to one another.

Consider Conscious Uncoupling if you are in pain over a breakup: It provides valuable skills and tools to navigate this challenging terrain with the outcome of creating a positive future after the loss of love.

This revolutionary 5 Step Program can be a life boat that moves you forward with two strong oars – leading you from sorrow to peace by transforming deep disappointment into a sacred journey.

    You will learn to use your Breakup as a true challenge that initiates you into a greater life, and to bow at the feet of heartbreak as your greatest teacher. Engaging in this healing inner work gives you the opportunity to renew yourself at the deepest level.

    You will:
    -Learn a gracious and honorable way to uncouple and how to consciously complete a romantic union;

    -Become free from any harmful consequences of a poorly navigated transition;

    -Gain the ability to harness the wild and difficult emotions of your break up and use these as constructive driver’s of positive change;

    – Grow beyond disappointing patterns in Love so you do not repeat the same patterns or recycle the pain in your next relationship;

    -Rediscover your deep ability to love and be loved;

    -Use your experience as a portal into a sacred journey to reinvent your life rather than waiting for time to heal your heart.

    If you are a Parent:

    Susan specializes in working with Parents during a break-up, or after a divorce with the goal to support growth for positive co-parenting. Coaching work with Parents  supports the children to increase their own capacity for connection and continue to develop in a healthy way through the normal phases of growing up when their family dynamic changes.

    There’s a trick to the graceful exit…It means leaving what’s over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives. It involves a sense of the future, a belief that every exit is an entry, and that we are moving up, rather than outEllen Goodman

    You Will Learn

    • A 5 Step process for how to end a romantic union in a gracious and honorable way;
    • If you are a Parent – How to work together as co-parents and create cohesion so children continue to develop healthily;
    • To find a way into the light within this difficult time so you can use it as a portal for your growth.
    • And rather than a bitter end, shift into a new life that’s empowered and flourishing.
    Time does not heal all wounds, you do.Katherine Woodward Thomas

    Alice Walker

    The 5 Steps

    1. Find Emotional Freedom; Learn how to transform your negative or difficult emotions into constructive drivers of positive change so they become an extraordinary catalyst for your greatest growth.
    2. Reclaim Your Power & Your Life; Learn how to never make the same mistakes again, and discover how you can truly trust yourself to love and be loved again.
    3. Heal the Pattern, Heal Your Heart; Learn the process that will forever free you from your original wounding, and connect with a new narrative from your Deeper Truth.
    4. Become a Love Alchemist; Find out the secrets to healthy closure so you can be at peace in your heart and mind, no matter how much undeserved heartache you endured.
    5. Create Your Happily Even After Life; Be supported to make wise and life affirming decisions to reinvent your life with new structures so that all involved may thrive… This will set the stage and open the gates for a healthy, stable and happy new love.

    How it works

    The 5-Step Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Program takes place over 6 to 8 sessions, and comes as a one package program. 

    Sessions: Skype, the phone, or in person – one session per week.

    Who this is for

    • For any kind of romantic union ending, a relationship loss, or divorce
    • For anyone thinking about it
    • For someone having difficulty moving forward after a break up or separation
    • For anyone in prolonged grief and love sickness after a break up
    • For parents who are separating or divorcing and want to trauma proof their children during this change and transition from spouses into a cohesive extended family
    • For parents who are separating or divorcing who have children with special needs: autism, learning challenges; underachievement issues; indigo’s; gifted

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